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February 6, 2024
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UcastMe's work makes a big difference for students and employers. From discovering part-time jobs offers, keeping track of work hours to competence assessment that helps students show their skills and language abilities. UcastMe is a superhero in the world of part-time jobs!
New features
Better user experience
Technical debt reduction
Hiring time reduction
React Native

Struggles of getting hired... and finding right people

In the world of students and recent graduates, finding part-time jobs that fit their class schedules can be really tough. It's like trying to solve a tricky puzzle.

Keeping track of work hours and managing shifts is also a big headache. It's like trying to juggle too many things at once.

And for employers, figuring out if students have the right skills and can speak the right languages is often a struggle.

To make things even trickier, many job websites don't tell students how much they'll get paid clearly, making it hard for them to decide which job is best for them.

Lastly, the process of getting hired can be slow and frustrating. Everyone wants a solution that makes it quick and easy for students and employers to connect.

All these challenges create a big roadblock for students and employers in the part-time job world.


In their quest to help students and graduates, the team had some clear goals:

First, they wanted to create a super easy-to-use app. Imagine it's like chatting with a friend. This app would make it simple for students to find part-time jobs that fit their schedules. Plus, it would show them exactly how much they'd get paid for each job.

Second, they aimed to solve the problem of keeping track of work hours. They made it as easy as scanning a QR code to clock in and out for shifts.

Third, they wanted to help students show off their skills and language abilities. They added a cool feature where students could make short videos to prove what they could do.

Lastly, they set out to make the hiring process quick and easy for both students and employers. It was all about making connections happen faster.

These goals were like the North Star guiding the team as they transformed UcastMe.

Technologies Used


React Native

React Native was chosen as the core framework for the UcastMe mobile application due to its ability to deliver a native-like experience across both iOS and Android platforms, reducing development time and costs.

Migration from React Redux to React Query

Why React Query? React Query was adopted as it offers several advantages over React Redux for managing application state and asynchronous data fetching:

  • Simplicity: React Query simplifies state management and data fetching with concise API calls.
  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR) Support: React Query's support for SSR enhances performance and SEO.
  • Automatic Data Synchronization: It automatically synchronizes data across components, reducing boilerplate code.
  • Optimistic Updates: React Query supports optimistic updates, improving the user experience during data operations.

Migration to TypeScript

TypeScript was introduced to enhance code quality, catch type-related errors at compile-time, and improve developer productivity. It also promotes better code documentation.

Implementing React Styled-Components

Why Styled-Components? Styled-Components was chosen for its benefits in managing styles in a component-based manner, improving code maintainability, and allowing for dynamic styling based on props.

Updates of CI/CD Pipelines

Importance of CI/CD: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines were updated to ensure:

  • Frequent and automated testing to catch bugs early.
  • Efficient and reliable deployment to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Rapid iteration and feature delivery, aligning with Agile development practices.

Update of React Native Version

The update of React Native was performed to provide better compatibility with the latest platform changes and to enhance app stability. It ensures that the app remains up-to-date with the evolving ecosystem.

Migration of Analytics from Google Analytics to Amplitude

Why Amplitude? Amplitude was chosen for its advanced analytics capabilities, including user behavior tracking and insights generation. It provides a more comprehensive understanding of user interactions and aids in making data-driven decisions.

Linking Update

Universal Links and App Links: These updates improve the user experience by ensuring seamless navigation from web to app and vice versa, enhancing user engagement.

AppsFlyer (One Link): AppsFlyer's OneLink simplifies deep linking and attribution, allowing for more effective user acquisition and tracking of marketing campaign performance.


In the process of improving UcastMe, several significant challenges were encountered, similar to solving tough puzzles:

Flexible Job Search

A special search tool had to be created to help students find part-time jobs that suited their schedules. Think of it as making job searching easier, like finding hidden treasures. Additionally, options were added for employers to search for students with specific skills, languages, or in certain locations.

Efficient Job Time Tracking

Making it easy for students to keep track of their work hours was a priority. This was achieved by allowing students to use their phones to scan a special code, similar to waving a magic wand to mark their hours. Employers could also use this code for more automated tracking flow.

Assessment and Proficiency

A system was needed for students to showcase their skills, much like presenting them in a fun video. The platform also enabled students to select the types of jobs they preferred, akin to choosing their favorite adventure.

Lack of Transparency

Ensuring clarity was crucial, like knowing the price of items while shopping. Therefore, students were provided with clear information about how much they'd be paid for each job.

Quick Hiring

The decision was made to streamline the hiring process, similar to making a road shorter and smoother. This resulted in faster profile creation for students and easier candidate selection for employers.

Reduction of Technical Debt

Finally, the app's technical issues needed attention to ensure smooth operation, much like tidying up a room. Code optimization improved app performance, reducing problems and allowing for future growth without complications. It also expedited the addition of new features, akin to building on a solid foundation, leading to long-term cost savings, like prudent financial management.

These challenges formed different chapters in the UcastMe journey, each contributing to the platform's evolving story.

Game-Changing Approaches

Flexible Job Search

The team knew that finding the right part-time job could be like looking for hidden treasure. So, they created a smart search tool to make it much easier for students and employers.

Imagine this tool as a super-smart map. It knows what students want most: jobs with flexible hours and clear pay rates. It's like finding the best gems in a treasure chest.

But they didn't stop there. They added special filters, kind of like magic glasses. Students could use these filters to find jobs in specific locations, industries, and schedules. Employers had their tools too. They could quickly find students with the right skills and languages using these filters. It was like a magic sorting hat, making job matching a breeze.

This solution made UcastMe shine by simplifying the job search for everyone involved. It was like giving wings to UcastMe, helping it reach new heights in the world of part-time job hunting.


Job Time Tracking

The team knew that keeping track of work hours can be a bit like solving a puzzle. So, they created a clever solution to make it as easy as pie.

First, they built a super-simple time tracking feature. It's like a digital punch card—students can clock in when they start working and clock out when they're done. No more guessing or scribbling down hours!

But they didn't stop there. They added a magical QR code scanner for employers. Instead of filling out forms, employers can just scan a code. It's like waving a wand, and boom—time tracking is done automatically. No more manual work, and everything is super accurate.

This solution was like a time-saving superhero, making work hours a breeze to manage for both students and employers. It was like adding turbo boosters to UcastMe, speeding up the whole process.


Competence Assessment

The team wanted to help students show off their super skills, a bit like superheroes displaying their powers. So, they came up with a cool solution.

First, they made a special profile system for students. It's like a treasure chest where they can put all their skills and show how good they are with languages.

But wait, there's more! They added something fun: video assessments. It's like making a short movie to prove how awesome you are at speaking different languages.

And here's the best part: students can pick the kind of jobs they like. It's like choosing your favorite adventure. So, they get personalized job offers that match their skills and interests.

This solution turned UcastMe into a talent showcase, making it super easy for students to shine and find the perfect job match. It was like giving UcastMe a cool makeover, making it even more awesome.


Lack of Transparency

The team noticed that sometimes it's hard to know how much you'll get paid for a job, a bit like a mystery. So, they fixed it with a simple solution.

They added something special: a clear display that shows exactly how much money students will earn for each job. It's like having a price tag on everything in a store. This way, students can make smart choices and pick the jobs that fit them best.

This solution made UcastMe super clear and easy to use. It was like turning on a bright light in a dark room, helping students see all the great job opportunities clearly.


Quick Hiring

The team knew that waiting too long for things can be frustrating, like waiting in a long line for your favorite ride at an amusement park. So, they made a solution to speed things up.

First, they fixed the hiring process. It's like making a faster and smoother road. Now, it takes less time for students to create their profiles, and that's great news!

But here's the exciting part: employers can quickly pick students for jobs. It's like ordering your favorite pizza with just a click. No more waiting around!

This solution made UcastMe super speedy and efficient. It's like giving UcastMe a rocket boost, making everything happen in a flash.



The UcastMe mobile application, developed and improved by The Widlarz Group, has successfully addressed the multifaceted challenges faced by students and employers in the part-time job market. By providing solutions that emphasize flexibility, efficiency, transparency, and speed in the job search and hiring process, UcastMe has become a game-changing tool for students and employers alike.

Turning Challenges into Triumphs: Remarkable Benefits

UcastMe's changes made a big difference for students and employers.

In the Flexible Job Search area, students found it very easy to discover part-time jobs that fit their schedules. Employers also liked this because they could quickly find the right people for their jobs.

In Job Time Tracking, keeping track of work hours became a lot easier. It was like having a timer that worked all by itself. This saved time for students and employers.


Competence Assessment helped students show their skills and language abilities. Employers liked this because it helped them make smarter hiring choices.

In the past, there was a Lack of Transparency about how much students would earn for each job. Now, it's like having a clear price tag on every item in a store. This helps students choose the right jobs.

Quick Hiring made the process of hiring very fast. It was as quick as sending a text message. Students and employers could connect very quickly. No more waiting!

All these changes turned UcastMe into a superhero in the world of part-time jobs. It made things simpler and faster for everyone involved. It's like having a magic wand for finding and hiring jobs quickly and easily.

Strategic Vision and Growth Prospects

UcastMe's journey is just getting started, like a book with many pages still to turn. They're determined to make things even better.

First, they'll keep improving the app, listening to what users say to make it just right, like a chef adding the perfect spices to a dish.

But there's more! UcastMe is going to new places, like a traveler exploring uncharted territory, to help even more people find jobs and hire great talent.

And the excitement doesn't stop there. They're working on making the app even cooler, like upgrading a car with turbo speed to make the ride super fun.

So, as the story goes on, UcastMe is all about making things easier and better for everyone. There are more adventures, more places to explore, and more ways to find jobs and hire people. Stay tuned for what's coming next in the UcastMe journey!


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The team cares about the outcome of their work which is the final product. I would call it a product-centric software development and if I were to choose a team for my next project, I would choose The Widlarz Group. They are not just implementers, but also a reliable IT partner that I can trust. Software developers from the team know what they do, and they have created solutions with flexibility and extensibility in mind so that the code is future-proof. The service involved end-to-end software development, and the team has helped us with the design, quality, and mobile and web app development, all of the team members are smart and communicate well. Also, the team is well-organized, you can just sit down and see the product growing.
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