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React Native upgrade process is never easy

From shifting RN modules to outdated SDKs, we’ve seen it all. And solved it. Our guide distills these experiences into actionable advice, helping you patch libraries and adapt to core module changes like a React Native expert!
React Native’s ecosystem is vibrant. It's also complex. With frequent changes to core modules and community libraries, there are numerous challenges during upgrades as dependencies may become outdated quickly, leading to compatibility issues. Fortunately, there are patterns and good practices to follow.

You will face many issues and trials. Secure your guide & master the upgrades!

Expert knowledge in one place
Instead of scouring through fragmented online resources, we want to give you all the expert knowledge you need in one place. It will can save you hours of research, and facing with unexpected errors. And believe us, there might be a lot of errors.
Tested strategies and solutions
Our guide offers practical solutions to common and obscure problems alike. From navigating dependency conflicts to resolving native code compilation issues, it equips you with knowledge to handle challenges confidently.
Set expectations
You can go into React Native upgrade try to figure it out. You can also get understand what are the common pitfalls and set the expectations. Some people like to go into the dark. We like to use a map, turning potential obstacles into manageable steps.
React Native Upgrade Guide
Made to simplify the process and prepare RN community on what to expect. An upgrade journey is never without its trials. Navigate the upgrade with our help and save yourself from common pitfalls:
Lack of tools
Often, not having the right tools at hand can hinder the upgrade process. We will show you the tooling you need
Metro bundler will fail
So prepare that your app will not start after upgrade
Old dependencies
After a quick check of the code you will realize that you must handle deprecated libraries, old patches, unmaintained forks and deprecated SDKs
Legacy code
Do you remember old Reanimated syntax, or class components in React? These can be found in old apps, and it will require decisions what to do with them
If there was any, probably it’s not functioning anymore
Typical issues
Learn how to deal with common React Native upgrade issues
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