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March 7, 2024
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Tailoring our 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library to specific needs of's chat app
Enhanced user experience
Improved communication flow
React Native

The unexpected beginning

Once upon a time, at the React Native event, we had a chance encounter with Ginsu, a tech expert from This unplanned meeting turned out to be quite a game-changer because we discovered that they were using one of our open-source projects.

Surprisingly, it was our 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library, and such encounters are invaluable as they provide real-world insights into how our solutions are put to use. In this particular case, had some specific requests for improvements. They wanted to address a few minor issues and introduce unique features tailored to their needs. We decided to roll up our sleeves and make their wishes come true.

Curious about why we carried out these tasks without charge? There are two primary reasons behind this. Firstly, our intention was to aid in expediting the development of their client application and ensuring it harmonized with their roadmap. Secondly, we are dedicated to continually improving our library. By doing so, we not only enhance the library's quality but also provide a valuable resource for our community to utilize. It's worth noting that our decision to provide these services for free was due to the alignment of the client's requirements with our planned roadmap initiatives.

After 3 months achieved precisely what they desired. They could now develop their highly secure chat app with all the advanced functionalities they had in mind. Mission accomplished! It's essential to understand that this isn't a typical business tale. It all began with an unexpected conversation at a React Native event. During this encounter, the developers responsible for the 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library demonstrated their expertise in React Native and their ability to adapt their solutions to meet their customer's specific requirements.

Our collaboration with these creators significantly benefited, taking their app to new heights. This collaboration underscores the exceptional capability of solution creators like us in continually enhancing our tools.

Looking ahead, has a well-defined plan, and we are fully committed to its realization. Anticipate further exciting developments in the world of IT on the horizon as The Widlarz Group, the creators of 'rn-emoji-keyboard' continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only improve user experiences but also lead to substantial cost savings for our partners and the broader community. 🚀📱

Product used: rn-emoji-keyboard

GitHub link

Public announcement during conference


1. Making custom emoji lists work on mobile

One of the biggest challenges we faced while cooking up the 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library for the was letting users create and manage their emoji lists on iOS and Android. The twist? We had already cooked up a similar recipe for our library.

Due to the specific application requirements, we didn't have to worry about supporting older devices and allowed the client to implement his custom emoji list. It was challenging but exciting!.


We rolled our sleeves and dived into coding. We created a solution that let our custom emoji list feature dance smoothly on all devices. No one was left out of the emoji party!



2. Supercharging emoji search

Another challenge was beefing up the search feature within our custom keyboard library. wanted users to find emojis using the usual suspects and alternative keywords or related terms. Think of it as finding that perfect GIF for your mood, but we also had to consider synonyms, associated ideas, or words commonly used with a particular emoji. Now, cooking up a search feature that's both fast and smart was a puzzle worth solving.


We put on our thinking caps and got to work. We developed a search feature that was lightning-fast and super savvy. users could now hunt down emojis using a wide range of words, just like a pro emoji detective!


3. The emoji disappearing act

Okay, picture this: users open the keyboard on their mobile gadgets, and bam! The bottom row of emojis is playing hide and seek behind the keyboard. Talk about an emoji disappearing act! This visual glitch made our library a bit like a magician's hat with a rabbit inside - it needed some adjustments. We rolled up our sleeves and fixed it so users could enjoy the full emoji spread without any vanishing acts.


No disappearing acts on our watch! We tweaked and tinkered until we banished that pesky glitch. Users could now enjoy the full emoji menu without any sneaky disappearing acts. Abracadabra!


Dealing with these challenges was like tackling fun puzzles in a game. We teamed up with the team, did some severe device hopping, and put our creative chef hats on to serve up a custom keyboard that worked like a charm and looked great. And that's how we ensured's users had a seamless and enjoyable emoji experience.

Why used our library?, a communication-focused mobile application, faced a critical decision regarding enhancing user experience. They needed to implement a custom keyboard solution that seamlessly integrates with their app while ensuring lightweight performance and customization options. After careful consideration, they decided to utilize the 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library developed by The Widlarz Group. In this case study, we'll explore why the chose our library for custom keyboard implementation.

Lightweight performance prioritized the performance of their mobile application. They needed a custom keyboard solution that wouldn't introduce significant overhead. The 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library offered a lightweight implementation, ensuring minimal impact on the app's overall performance. This allowed the to maintain a smooth and responsive user experience even with the added custom keyboard functionality.

Fully customizable

Customization was a critical factor for the They wanted to ensure that their keyboard matched the app's style and branding. The 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library provided extensive customization options, allowing the to tailor the keyboard's appearance and behavior to align with their design guidelines. This level of flexibility ensured a cohesive and branded user interface throughout the application.

Easy integration sought a hassle-free integration process for their custom keyboard. The 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library offered a simple and well-documented API, making the implementation process effortless for their development team. This reduced the time and effort required to integrate the custom keyboard into their app, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their project.

In this IT project, we used open-source libraries with great documentation, which made developing a mobile app easier and cheaper. It's like having a clear map for success. The Widlarz group who made the rn-emoji-keyboard library knew it inside out, so everything went smoothly. 🚀💡 #OpenSourcePerk

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Tailoring our 'rn-emoji-keyboard' library to specific needs of's chat app
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