Daniel Grychtoł
January 6, 2024
5 minute read
Picodi helps users save money on their purchases. The app allows users to receive a cashback on the items they buy from participating stores. With Picodi, users can easily track their purchases and get a portion of their money back, making shopping more convenient and affordable.
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Brief Summary

Picodi, a global player operating in discounts and cashback area, collaborated with The Widlarz Group to develop a mobile application with a goal to enhance user engagement and deal discovery. They faced challenges such as a tight two-month timeline and expansive feature requirements, including the creation of a 'Guest' functionality. The Widlarz Group leveraged their expertise in React Native and integrated features like Salesforce SDK, WebView, multi-language support, CI/CD, Reanimated Animations, external provider logins, deep linking setup, app analytics, and push notifications to build a robust application. The resulting app became a new, important user acquisition channel for Picodi and increased user’s engagement by a double digit percentage (depending on market). The Widlarz Group demonstrated its ability of delivering custom software solutions under tight deadlines and also seamlessly collaborating with in-house development teams.

About the project

Picodi aimed to extend its reach beyond their existing web platform, aspiring to create an engaging and intuitive mobile application that would resonate with a wider audience. Their primary focus was to drive new users to the platform and increase user engagement.

There were a few notable challenges. One of them was a demanding timeline and expansive feature requirements posed a significant challenge. The Widlarz Group faced the task of deploying the initial version of the app within just two months. This ambitious deadline required a flexible, agile development approach.

Client Testimonial

Bartłomiej Tyranowski, the CTO at Picodi during the project, commends The Widlarz Group:


Our Tasks and Process

Faced with the ambitious goals and tight timeline for the Picodi mobile app project, The Widlarz Group team needed to quickly get up to speed with the internal team at Picodi. We developed a high-level plan to tackle the challenge. This included several key tasks and a specific, process-oriented approach based on Agile methodologies.

Project planning and scope definition

The initial phase involved understanding Picodi's vision and defining the scope of the project. Both teams - TWG and Picodi inhouse team collaborated to determine the core features and functionalities, defining the critical tasks and creating a strategic project timeline.

Agile development approach

In alignment with Agile methodologies, the project was divided into numerous sprints, each with specific goals and deliverables. This incremental approach ensured continual progress, allowed for flexibility in response to any changes or emerging requirements, and facilitated consistent communication between the Picodi and Widlarz teams.

Feature development and integration

The implementation phase was a blend of robust feature development and essential third-party integrations. The team adeptly managed the integration of Salesforce SDK, creation of WebView functionality, setup of CI/CD, and more, along with designing and implementing reanimated animations and facilitating external provider logins.

Testing and quality assurance

Throughout the development process, continuous testing was carried out to ensure the highest quality standards. Rigorous QA processes included functionality testing, performance testing, and security checks. This focus on quality ensured a seamless user experience upon launch.

Deployment and user base management

With the initial version of the app deployed within the demanding two-month timeframe, the team then embarked on managing the growing user base while concurrently developing further major app features. This included the crucial 'Guest' functionality, which was essential for the app's listing on the Apple Store.

At the same time, when the application was already deployed, we collaborated withPicodi team to hand over the project. This step is often overlooked by many agencies, yet it's extremely important. Great handover makes the maintenance work and future improvement of the project that much better, while decreasing communication after the work is done.

Continuous improvement and support

Even though it was the internal team at Picodi who overlooked the app on a daily basis, the Widlarz team remained committed to continuous improvement, regularly monitoring app analytics, user feedback, and system performance. This proactive approach facilitated prompt identification and resolution of any issues, while also identifying opportunities for further enhancements.


Our Solutions

Embracing the project's scope and Picodi's user needs, The Widlarz Group team applied their expertise in React Native to develop a robust application that performs seamlessly across a multitude of mobile devices. The application was endowed with key integrations and features, each contributing to an enriched user experience:


Salesforce SDK Integration

Enabled robust CRM functionality, enhancing user management and tracking of user engagement.

WebView and communication with third-party websites

Facilitated displaying web content within the app itself and smooth interactions with third-party websites, broadening the range of accessible deals for users.


Multi-language and market support

Catered to Picodi's international user base, making the app accessible and user-friendly for users worldwide.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Ensured rapid, reliable updates and consistent app performance to cater to the expanding user base.

Reanimated animations

Added dynamic and fluid animations to the user interface, enhancing the overall user experience.

External provider login and signup

Simplified user onboarding by providing the option to log in and sign up using external providers like Facebook, Google, and Apple ID.


Deep linking setup

Enabled direct navigation to specific content from external platforms and promotional campaigns, thereby improving user engagement and marketing campaign effectiveness.


App analytics (AppsFlyer)

Offered comprehensive insights into user interactions, app performance, and marketing campaign effectiveness through integration with AppsFlyer.

Push notifications

Kept users informed about the latest deals and promotions, contributing to increased user engagement and retention.

Guest functionality

Allowed users to access and explore the app without needing to sign up, thus reducing barriers to entry and ensuring compliance with Apple's prerequisites for app listing.


Technologies Used

The mix of technologies we've employed in Picodi had to synergize. Integrating major marketing powerhouses like Salesforce Marketing Cloud was dictated by existing business context, so we had to build around it. With React-native at the foundation, we could smoothly develop iOS and Android without additional. Combined with the server communication capabilities of Axios, the analytics strength of Firebase and AppsFlyer, and the robust state/data management of React Query, we had an all-inclusive suite. We've ensured a holistic approach by adding tools for detailed style and animation control, such as Styled Components and Reanimated.


Framework for building mobile apps on iOS and Android using the React library. Enables native app creation with JavaScript and code reuse across platforms.

Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics)

Services by Google providing analytics/reporting and error/crash tracking.


HTTP library for network requests, simplifying server communication and data management.


Manages forms in React, streamlining form creation, validation, input verification, and state.


Tool for tracking marketing campaigns and analyzing user actions in mobile apps. Helps optimize marketing strategies.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Manages marketing communication and automation. Offers content personalization, campaign management, email automation, etc.


Provides high-performance animations in React Native apps using the Animated API engine.


React Native component for displaying web content. Allows website integration and in-app online content display.

React Query

Manages state and data in React apps, simplifying data fetching, caching, and updates.

Styled Components

Lets you write CSS styles as React components, making styling modular and scalable.

Collaboration aftermath

When we set out to collaborate on the React Native mobile app, we aimed for a specific goal — concrete deliveries in a short time. The outcomes indeed show that. Within the initial six months, our collaborative efforts resulted in a significant double-digit percentage jump in user engagement, varying by market. The Picodi mobile app didn't just end up as another tool; it carved out its space as a critical user acquisition channel for the company, indicating its potency in attracting and retaining users.

The work also impacted different areas. User feedback became a testament to the quality we delivered. Across both iOS and Android platforms, the app consistently achieved a great 4.5+ rating. This high score speaks volumes about the app's usability, design, and overall user satisfaction.

In reflecting upon the project, the results underscore the power of collaboration, dedication, and aiming for the best in the business landscape. Our journey with the Picodi mobile app is a testament to what can be achieved when strategy and execution go hand in hand.


Written by
Daniel Grychtoł
Bartłomiej Tyranowski
CTO at Picodi
We needed a solid partner to help us launch a new mobile app and make Picodi available in the mobile ecosystem. Had a functional scope defined, the API and the assets mostly ready, but did not have much experience in mobile development. Also, didn’t have much time. That’s why we decided to partner with TWG to help us make that project a reality. Faced with a stringent deadline, The Widlarz Group delivered a mobile app that became a solid MVP of Picodi Cashback on mobile devices. Also technically the app kept very high standards and the CI/CD pipeline that was established during the development period made it quite easy to maintain at later stages as well. TWG was a very good support for our internal engineering team in a time when we needed a solid software quality and a very fast pace of development. I can definitely recommend TWG, especially for such cases.
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